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Save Money on Training

Rowan Berries Feb 2011

Rowan Berries
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Rowan shows ways to save money on training

Since 1997, Rowan Consultancy has been at the leading edge of developing practices in the field of human growth and development. Rowan works with individuals, organisations, institutions, businesses and support is given so that individuals can realise their fullest potential and contributing more to their work places.

All well and good you might say but developing people costs money, and in these times of cut backs, training and development budgets are often the first to go. At Rowan we would argue that now is precisely the time when targeted investment could reap the most benefit in giving your organization a competitive edge. So we thought we could let you know about some schemes which may help move your organization forward.

Individual Learning Accounts

Following on from branded learning status awarded by Learn Direct Scotland last April, Rowan is delighted to have become a provider of Individual Learning Account (ILA) approved courses. Senior partner Rachel Weiss commented, "It's taken 12 months of assessment to demonstrate that Rowan adheres to "the Pledge". No it's not that we're teetotal, but that we comply with the Pledge for Learners to make our learning opportunities easily accessible, enjoyable and useful and thus encourage everyone to become learners for life."

Two students on the COSCA Module 1 Counselling Skills course currently running in Dunblane are already benefitting from the scheme. They received 200 towards the course. For more details on Individual Learning Accounts see

Flexible Training Opportunities

Another scheme open to sole traders and small businesses with up to 150 employees, could award you up to half your fees towards training courses for at most 10 employees. This scheme is run by Skills Development Scotland and is called Flexible Training Opportunities, see for more information. Our own Rachel Weiss successfully claimed half course fees for the continuous professional development coaching training she undertook last December down in London.

Enhancing Opportunities Grant

This is a new grant from Perth and Kinross Council aimed at helping people to progress in the workplace through vocational training. This can mean gaining more qualifications:

  • to attain a job,
  • for promotion in your current workplace,
  • to move on to further your career.

Grants are up to 3500 for the unemployed and up to 2000 for those working. For more information and contact details see the leaflet on our website.

The Enhanced Opportunities Grant, Individual Learning Accounts and Flexible Training Opportunities can all be used towards Rowan training courses. So why not consider sending staff (or yourself) on our great courses starting soon in Perth:

Give Rachel Weiss a ring on 01738 562005 or see our training pages for further details.

Rowan Consultancy, 4 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5EN. +44(0)1738 562005