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Reducing Stress

Rowan Berries June 2010

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Tips to help you reduce stress

Stress is a normal part of our lives which occurs whenever we feel unable to meet the demands made on us. Stress can be a positive response when we are in danger because it allows us to fight or take flight. In the workplace, short term stress can give us the push to get tasks done. Long term stress however, will eventually lead to health problems so here are some tips to ease your stress levels.

  1. Learn more about stress and its effects
  2. Take care of yourself physically - food, exercise, rest etc.
  3. Choose a relaxation technique and use it regularly
  4. Take care of yourself emotionally - acknowledge and express your feelings
  5. Build a strong support network
  6. Decide what really matters to you and set your priorities accordingly
  7. Learn to say NO
  8. Create stability zones during times of change
  9. Give yourself treats
  10. Give yourself (and others) credit for things done well

You are probably already doing some of these tips, well done! - give yourself credit for taking positive steps in your life. Now could be the time to try something new for stress relief, maybe try one of the tips which would be easy for you to integrate into your life. If any of the tips jump out at you that are particularly challenging, saying "no" for instance, then maybe these are areas that you need extra help working on. Rowan is here to provide that support.

Mark Hancock, Head of Counselling and Psychotherapy

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