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From Sick to Fit

Rowan Berries November 2010

Rowan Berries
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From Sick Note to Fit Note

Now that the last part of autumn is rapidly turning into winter, the temperature is dropping and snow shovels are being called for duty; the time of colds and flu is here. Well life isn't that bad if you are a skier, but now is a good time to get to grips with sickness policies in the workplace.

You are probably aware that the government replaced Med 3 and Med 5 "Sick Note" forms with a "Statement of Fitness for Work". Rachel Weiss, managing partner at Rowan Consultancy, spoke with a number of health professionals regarding the impact of these changes and wrote an article recently published by COSCA in their journal.

This article is essential reading for all managers and HR professionals, it can also help you, as an employee, understand the new system. Access it here (this is a pdf file).

For added information don't forget to have a look on the Department of Work and Pensions website: Goverment Information on Fit Note.
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