Last Updated 12 January, 2024

Team Facilitation


Team Facilitation

Rowan Consultancy works with companies and organisations in team facilitation sessions.

What is team facilitation?

Team facilitation is about helping your team or group to work together more effectively, or to plan for the future, or to solve a difficult or long-standing issue that's holding the team back.

How does team facilitation work?

One of Rowan's facilitators would work with your team over a series of sessions. They would find out what the team wants to achieve, and work through a tailor-made programme of exercises to help the team to reach its goal or solve the issue(s).

How can you book facilitation for your team?

To book a team facilitation session, or to find out more, simply call us on 01738 562005, use our contact form.

Rowan Consultancy, 121 Burghmuir Road, Perth, PH1 1JF. +44(0)1738 562005