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Mediation Skills for HR
Workshop on 25th and 26th September 2017
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Management Today
28th Nov & 12th Dec 2017
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Counselling Skills
Certificate starts August 2017
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Rowan Consultancy has been at the leading edge of developing practices in the field of human growth, development and support since 1997.

Rowan provides:

Our focus is on providing a quality service to individuals and organisations in Scotland.

"The positive working relationship we have with Rowan is built on trust. Staff have confidence in the confidential and professional counselling services provided. Managers have trust in the one-to-one coaching sessions with Rowan. The College works in partnership with Rowan and involves them at the early stages of planning organisational and staff development programmes."

Susan Bald,
Vice Principal, Human Resources and Communications at Perth College, UHI

Rowan has been assessed and gained entry onto the Register of Recognised Counselling Organisations by COSCA, the professional body for counselling and psychotherapy in Scotland. Rowan abides by COSCA's code of ethics, and that of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). Rowan Consultancy also abides by the codes of ethics of the International Coach Federation and the Scottish Mediation Network.
Rowan Consultancy

Personal and Organisational Growth and Development: in the HOME, in BUSINESS, in the COMMUNITY.

Rowan Consultancy, 4 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5EN. +44(0)1738 562005