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  Counselling or Coaching?

Counselling or Coaching?

Sometimes it's not clear whether counselling or coaching will help you best. A very simplistic view is that counselling addresses emotional issues and examines the roots of ones feelings, for instance, "I feel sad all the time." Coaching, on the other hand, is about deciding on goals and working out personal strategies to attain those goals e.g. "I want to improve my performance at work".

Life is rarely so easily categorised. Consider the case of a man whose wife has recently left him, coaching and counselling may be appropriate.

  • If he is upset, can't concentrate at work, is struggling to look after himself at home, then counselling may be helpful for venting and moderating his feelings. Expressing his anger and hurt with a counsellor may help him take stock and to move on. A counsellor can listen, challenge and help him make sense of his new circumstances and to find meaning in life again.

  • If he is functioning reasonably well at work and home, but wants to re-asses where his life is going, now that one of the major goal-posts have moved, then he may find coaching useful. Does he want to move jobs, move location? Is now the time to take up long-lost hobbies or friendships? What meaning will he make of his life now that the marriage is over? A coach can help him move forward, set goals and choose the next practical action steps to take to re-shape his life and put it back on track

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The advantage of working with a coach-counsellor based organisation such as Rowan is that if therapy needs are identified, the coaching work can be put on hold while Rowan addresses your counselling needs. Coaching can be resumed later with your original Rowan coach. A thorough assessment at the first session will ensure that you are offered the right help at the right time.

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