Last Updated 12 January, 2024

Family Therapy at Rowan


What is Family Therapy?

Rowan's Family Therapy service is a form of counselling where family members, couples, and others are supported to express and explore difficult emotions and thoughts in a safe confidential environment.

The therapy aims to enable the family:

  • to understand each member's experiences and views
  • to learn to appreciate each others needs and strengths
  • to reflect and make useful changes in their relationships and lives.
Why might you need Family Therapy?

Most families face challenges from time to time because they are made up of different people, with different needs, who see things from different perspectives. Illness, death, divorce, moving and other life transitions can also affect family members in different ways and change the way they interact and behave.

Many families eventually find their own way to adapt and manage the changes that come along, but some families find it very useful to work with a family therapist for a while, especially when they feel distressed, sad, stuck, overwhelmed, worried about each other or disconnected from each other.

What kind of issues can Family Therapy help with?

Families may find Family Therapy useful when they are experiencing such things as:

  • Couple relationship difficulties that are affecting the children
  • Child, adolescent and adult behaviour difficulties
  • Parenting issues
  • Illness and disability in the family
  • Separation, divorce and step-family life
  • Fostering, adoption, kinship care and the needs of 'looked after' children
  • The effects of trauma
  • Difficulties related to ageing and other life-cycle changes
How does Family Therapy work?

The therapist will see the family members together, in a session lasting approximately one hour.

He/she will help families work things out together by:

  • trying different ways of talking together
  • taking a new look at their challenges and helping them to find useful ways to approach them
  • understanding each person's needs and how to meet them
  • discovering the strengths in their relationships
  • using creative activities, play and games to explore feelings and ideas
  • identifying their shared hopes and important values
Find out more

If you think Family Therapy may help your family, please call Rowan on 01738 562005 or email us through our contact page. Our therapist can then call you to discuss your situation and help you to make the best decisions for your family.

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