Last updated 17 April, 2024

Mediation Skills Training


"Perfectly delivered - would indeed recommend it!"

Claire McKenzie Leitch,
HR, Central Scotland Fire and Rescue

"Good practical advice which can be used on a day-to-day basis, not just in mediation meetings. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days"

Louise Watson, HR
The University of St. Andrews

"First class! Informal, friendly tutors with a sound base of skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject matter"

Calum Bruce,
Fife Fire and Rescue

Please note we only offer this course for organisations now.

The 2008 Employment Act and ACAS code recommend mediation for early dispute resolution. Organisations need staff with mediation skills to help prevent disputes escalating. It is more cost-effective to invest in mediation than in expensive grievance, disciplinary procedures or industrial tribunals.

Mediation Course held Online or In-person

The Rowan Mediation Skills course is for HR personnel, those in management positions or anyone else who would like to develop their mediation skills.

This training course will help you learn the skills required to mediate a dispute in the workplace, and how to facilitate the disputants to create their own mutually agreed, win-win solution.

What will I learn on this course?

One of the benefits of mediation skills training is the ability to recognise conflict and address it before it escalates, and being able to efficiently assist disputants to reach a suitable solution and move forward.

  • What is conflict?
  • De-escalating behaviours
  • Basics of conflict management
  • Thomas-Kilmann conflict styles
  • How mediation differs from other forms of dispute resolution
  • Introduction of brief mediation model , view DVD of mediation
  • Practice using brief model
  • Skills practice for stages of mediation - reframing inflammatory language, identifying the issue, eliciting win-win solutions, confirming the agreement.
  • Benefits of mediation, when is mediation appropriate?
  • How will I put this into practice in the workplace?

Each training group consists of 6- 12 participants, so that all can participate in the skills practice and gain feedback on their skills.

Course Trainer

Rachel Weiss image

The course is delivered by Rachel Weiss, an experienced mediator and trainer.

Rachel is an active member of the Scottish Mediation Network and is on the Scottish Mediation Register.

Feedback from previous Mediation Skills course participants

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found Rachel very helpful and engaging. It has given me a greater understanding of the mediation process and provided a useful toolkit and techniques for developing the required skills." Anonymous

"A really useful, informative introduction to mediation which has given me the tools and confidence to use these skills in my wider role as well as in mediation." - Becky Slater, HR advisor

"An excellent way to gain insight in what it takes to become a mediator. The presenter had an engaging style with real-life examples and great tips plus the perfect balance of learning and practice. Excellent trainer very engaging and knowledgeable. Loved this course, can't wait to get started!" - Jenny Norton, Customer Service Manager, UWS

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