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Launch of Family Therapy

January 2014

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New Family Therapy Service Launches in Perth

A new Family Therapy service, the only one of its kind in Tayside, has been launched in Perth.

To fill the gap which exists locally, Perth-based Rowan Consultancy has launched a new service aimed at helping families function better, whether they are in conflict, dealing with bereavement or struggling with their blended or extended family.

Founded in 1997, Rowan Consultancy is one of Scotland's leading providers of personal and organisational growth and development services, working with a range of clients from pupils and teachers to employees and private individuals, offering two main services - coaching and counselling. The firm is thought to be the only company in Scotland offering a one-stop, comprehensive service.

Family Therapy is useful for children, young people, adults and older adults experiencing a wide range of difficulties and circumstances. These might include parents and children of all ages who want to build a closer relationship or manage a challenge in their relationships or lives, or couples whose challenges are affecting others in the family. Families with challenges linked to alcoholism, mental health, illness, bereavement or cultural adjustments might also benefit, as well as separating families and divorced parents seeking a more positive means of co-parenting or families who are fostering or adopting.

Karen Holford, Family Therapist said,
Karen Holford

"Family life is rewarding and fun but can also be hard work. It can be very useful to talk about things together in a different way, with a family therapist. This can help everyone understand each other's needs, build on their strengths and make long-term changes to improve their relationships. "

"Family Therapists work WITH families and not ON them. We're not here to blame or take sides, nor do we adopt a 'one size fits all' approach. Instead, we encourage people to share their views in a friendly and confidential environment, help each family member understand each other, and explore possible ways forward that could work for them in the longer term."

Family Therapists will also adapt their way of working according to people's ages, needs, resources and preferences. Sessions involving children, for example, often include play and drawing. Some people may wish to talk together from the start of therapy sessions, while others may prefer some individual time with their Family Therapist before deciding if, what and how to share their thoughts and feelings with others.

Confidential sessions - usually lasting around one hour - can be arranged to suit each family, and can be held within Rowan Consultancy's Perth city centre premises, or in Crieff or Edinburgh. There is no obligation to sign up to a set number of sessions, and sometimes just one or two meetings are required.

Rachel Weiss, Senior Partner at Rowan, says,

"We are delighted to be adding Family Therapy to our existing services, as it complements our counselling for adult individuals, couples and young people."

Rowan Consultancy is listed on the Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA) register of recognised counselling organisations and abides by both the COSCA code of ethics and that of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

To find out whether Family Therapy might be useful for you, or for further information, please contact Rowan Consultancy on telephone 01738 562005, or via our contact page on our website

Rowan Consultancy, 4 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5EN. +44(0)1738 562005